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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to refinish my bathroom fixtures?

Most jobs are completed in 4-8 hours. Extensive repair work will take longer.

How durable is the finish?

If an experienced technician applies quality materials you wont have any problems.

Your new tub will not peel or discolour.

Will my house smell?

We use a sophisticated exhaust systems to minimize odour.

Any residual odour is gone later that day.  

How much mess will there be?

None. Before we leave we make sure everything is

clean and your fixtures are sparkling.

Will the colour match my other fixtures in my bathroom?

The colour we use go well with any decor or we can get a colour match.

How long before I can use the tub?

12 hours and it is ready for use.

Can you apply a slip resistant surface?

Yes, a slip resistant surface is easy to add at an affordable cost.

Can tile walls be refinished as well?

Absolutely. Tile walls can be refinished along with the tub creating

a completely new looking space.

Can counter tops be refinished?

Absolutely, We take pride in our special counter top

refinishing and it looks like real granite for a fraction of the cost.

What goes into a professional refinishing job?

The answer is experience and quality supplies.

Professional refinishes have the experience to tackle whatever your job demands.

Your job is done promptly and with the highest workmanship.

Your new finish will last and come backed with a guarantee.

Unprofessional services may promise a lot, but you can run into unpleasant surprises

either during the job or worse yet, after the company has left.

The old adage. "You get what you pay for" definitely applies to tub refinishing.